Math Snacks: Bad Date

This video is from the the Math Snacks website. The description directly from the website states:
“Math Snacks are short animations and mini-games designed to present mathematics in a very different way. In fact, we hope these snacks don’t look like traditional math at all. Math Snacks give students, especially those who don’t particularly like math, another way to look at math concepts.”

“Math Snacks principles relate to the core mathematics concepts that students should know and be able to do in grades 6, 7 and 8. The availability of Snacks on the Internet, iPhone and iPad, makes it possible for students to enjoy the games and animations during non-school time as well as in class. The accompanying print materials can assist learners in applying their conceptual understanding to additional math activities and problems.”

There are also teacher guides and suggested activities to go along with the animations and games.

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Spring Resources

Promethean Planet has a multitude of Spring resources ready for you to download and there is so much more than just flipcharts. Although these teacher created flipcharts are a great place to start also check out the many games, projects, questions and quizzes, simulations and animations, weblinks, worksheets and handouts, and themes. All of which can be searched by topic or by Louisiana state standard.

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Brian Williams on NBC Learn

Brian Williams on NBC Learn.

NBC Learn, the new video subscription service for middle and high school teachers and students, has been getting some great reviews. The short video clips can be easily downloaded for viewing offline. This means there is no buffering and can be viewed even if the internet is not available.

Teachers can search by state or common core standards and then print the entire transcript to use as a reading activity. Some videos also have additional activities or lessons attached.

The Cue Card makes it easy to find citation information, publish date and clip length.

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Virtual Field Trips

Mardi Gras break was spent in the Smokey Mountains and while there I hiked a mile from Metcalf Bottoms to the Little Greenbrier School built in the late 1800s and used until the early 1930s. It was really neat to walk the same trail students walked over a hundred years ago and then to sit in their actual desks.Image

The one mile hike was mostly uphill and crossed the creek multiple times. I can’t imagine having to walk this path in the cold or rain, and some students came from up to nine miles away!

This was a wonderful experience and while it can’t compare with a virtual visit I wanted to post this week about just that, virtual field trips.

With virtual field trips we can take our students all over the world. Last month I introduced the district’s art and music teachers to the Google Art Project.  This virtual tour allows you to explore art collections from around the world.  The Smithsonian tour  allows viewers to take a detailed virtual tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.  Inside the White House lets you travel floor by floor while hearin the history inside each room.  

Another option is to have the experts actually come to your classroom through Skype.  On the Skype in the Classroom web site you can have a Yellowstone National Park Ranger come to your classroom.  Check out the site for many more ideas and lesson plans for using Skype with your students. 

While nothing can compare with actually “being there” virtual field trips are a great second choice.

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So Much to Share!!

It has been one big technology whirlwind since my last post!  I still hadn’t shared all I learned at the Louisiana Computer Using Educators Conference (LACUE) before I was off to Florida for FETC, one of the largest educational technology conferences.  Now I am bursting with great information and just have to post.  Most of the sessions at both conferences involved iPads and apps and I have quite of few of those to share.  But I also will share some great websites for those who didn’t find an iPad or iPhone under their Christmas tree this year.  

Actually none of the things I want to post this time were from either of the conferences.  The first is a website I read about on the Technology and Learning Blog, the second an app Kelsey, a teacher at one of the schools in the district, told me about and the third came from an App Shopper alert about a free app.


Problem- Attic gives teachers access to about 80,000 practice questions from a variety of sources, all for free! Use these questions to easily create your own teaching materials, from tests and worksheets to flashcards. You can create beautiful materials for all four core subjects in just 4 easy steps. Just, Select, Arrange, Format, and Print.  

Questions are organized by topic and by released exams, including questions from past standardized tests from 17 states.


The second is an app for ELA teachers teaching the novel “Things Fall Apart”.  I found out about this free app from an ELA teacher in the district. It is an iPhone app that pronounces the Igbo names found in Chinua Achebe’s bestseller. The app allows you to say and compare your pronunciations with the voice of a native Igbo speaker.

I would guess the students have already found the Cliff Notes App for the novel also in the app store for $1.99.


The final share for today is the What I Own for iPad app.  This app is free for a limited time and is a must have for those of us who went through Katrina and Issac. 

We know how  stressful and difficult the insurance claims process can be after hurricanes, floods, or even burgulary. 

Can you, for example, describe in detail every item you owned room by room? Are you prepared to provide this information to your insurance adjuster?

According to iTunes “What I Own is an inventory application that helps you to save this information in one easily accessible location. The ability to create your own categories and configure fields makes it a flexible application. Add photos, receipts or other important documentation with a few touches. Important information such as warranty information could also easily be added“.

Enough for now but I will post again soon.

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3D Toad

sheep heart

It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to Super Bowl, Mardi Gras and Valentines. Well, I have a great resource for hearts, not valentines though but real sheep hearts like the picture above. 3D Toad has not only hearts but all sorts of interactive educational images that you can zoom into and out of and even rotate 360 degrees. There are images for dissections, geology, chemistry, computer networking and even guitar chords and yoga positions!

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Some Great Apps

Training started last week for teachers at schools that received iPads. Teachers were very excited and will start using them with their students in January. Other teachers already have an iPad for personal use or have one on their wish list for Christmas.

I will begin posting some great apps I have come across and hope you will share any others you may have. Just leave a comment to this post and we will be able to share.

app shopper
The first app is AppShopper. AppShopper keeps you up to date on the newest App Store apps, sales and freebies. Organize apps in your own customized Wish List and automatically get notified when there is a sale or an app becomes FREE.
evernote 2
Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders–and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.

common core
Quickly find standards by subject, grade, and subject category (domain/cluster). This app includes Math standards K-12 and Language Arts standards K-12.

Remotely access your PC or MAC from your iPhone or iPad. You can view and edit files without syncing and also use all of the programs on your desktop computer or laptop from your iPad.
This app usually costs around ten dollars but I got it for ninety-nine cents by watching AppShopper. For another ninety-nine cents I could access my home computer from anywhere. I didn’t purchase that option because I didn’t see a need for it yet.

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Scary Mary

This trailer or re-cut from Mary Poppins was used to teach tone and voice in an ELA class. Read the posts below to see how you can embed videos like this in your flipcharts.

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Interactive Flipchart in Action

This week I have been demonstrating some quick ways to make your flipcharts more interactive.  In this video I used the Page Extender to increase the work space.

You can also position containers off the page and  drag them onto the page as needed.  These containers could contain material that you want to display at some point in your lesson or they could be blank space for you or your students to fill.

The last thing I have on this flipchart is an embedded YouTube video and an embedded widget from  To embed in ActivInspire just click on Insert>Link>Embedded HTML.  Then paste the code you copied from the YouTube or other website.

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Picture of Flipchart

Picture of Flipchart

This is a picture of the sample interactive flipchart. Watch the video to see the flipchart in use and then follow the steps outlined to create your flipcharts.

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