Florida snow

Florida snow
While teachers back in Louisiana were enjoying their rare snow days Suzie and I were attending the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC). After driving all night to get ahead of the ice and snow we arrived in Orlando around noon. The temperature was in the high 70’s and there were many people in the pool. But alas, the cold was right behind us as evidenced in the picture taken on I-10 later that day. The cold and rain settled in and remained the rest of the week. This did make it easier to stay inside the Orange County Convention Center all day and gather some great technology resources which you will see on this blog in the coming weeks.

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2 Responses to Florida snow

  1. Calato, Gail says:

    Yeah. They got all the snow. 😦

    Gail Calato
    7th grade ELA
    N. P. Trist Middle School

  2. Boleware, Brenda says:

    How pretty! What a crazy winter!! See you Thursday.

    Sent from my iPad

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