Parent Teacher Communication



Can you believe it is already time for the first reports to go out and the first parent-teacher conferences already!  This is also the first chance I have had to post on my blog.  Start-up this year has been demanding with new software, new teachers, and even new hardware.  

My first blog this year deals with communication between teachers and parents and teachers and students.  Teachers in the our district have been showing me this week some ways they stay in touch with parents.  One way is through text messages.  They use remind101 a safe and one-way text messaging system to send homework and test reminders to parents.  The parents are directed to a site to sign up for these messages where they can not see the teachers phone number nor can the teacher see theirs.  Teachers also use the site to easily send out mass texts to parent who have requested them.  

Some teachers set up distribution lists in their district email account to send out emails to parents.  They send the email to themselves and blind carbon copy the distribution list so that the parent email addresses are not shared with everyone.   Teachers have been given directions on the type of information that should and should not be included in email communication.

I know of at least three teachers that have created wonderful class web sites for students to access handouts at home or to go to for reminders of homework and upcoming assessments.  Check with your principal first if you are thinking about creating a web site. You can view this link for information on creating an effective classroom website. If you already have a website please comment on this blog with the site’s address. I would love to share it with other teachers. 

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