So Much to Share!!

It has been one big technology whirlwind since my last post!  I still hadn’t shared all I learned at the Louisiana Computer Using Educators Conference (LACUE) before I was off to Florida for FETC, one of the largest educational technology conferences.  Now I am bursting with great information and just have to post.  Most of the sessions at both conferences involved iPads and apps and I have quite of few of those to share.  But I also will share some great websites for those who didn’t find an iPad or iPhone under their Christmas tree this year.  

Actually none of the things I want to post this time were from either of the conferences.  The first is a website I read about on the Technology and Learning Blog, the second an app Kelsey, a teacher at one of the schools in the district, told me about and the third came from an App Shopper alert about a free app.


Problem- Attic gives teachers access to about 80,000 practice questions from a variety of sources, all for free! Use these questions to easily create your own teaching materials, from tests and worksheets to flashcards. You can create beautiful materials for all four core subjects in just 4 easy steps. Just, Select, Arrange, Format, and Print.  

Questions are organized by topic and by released exams, including questions from past standardized tests from 17 states.


The second is an app for ELA teachers teaching the novel “Things Fall Apart”.  I found out about this free app from an ELA teacher in the district. It is an iPhone app that pronounces the Igbo names found in Chinua Achebe’s bestseller. The app allows you to say and compare your pronunciations with the voice of a native Igbo speaker.

I would guess the students have already found the Cliff Notes App for the novel also in the app store for $1.99.


The final share for today is the What I Own for iPad app.  This app is free for a limited time and is a must have for those of us who went through Katrina and Issac. 

We know how  stressful and difficult the insurance claims process can be after hurricanes, floods, or even burgulary. 

Can you, for example, describe in detail every item you owned room by room? Are you prepared to provide this information to your insurance adjuster?

According to iTunes “What I Own is an inventory application that helps you to save this information in one easily accessible location. The ability to create your own categories and configure fields makes it a flexible application. Add photos, receipts or other important documentation with a few touches. Important information such as warranty information could also easily be added“.

Enough for now but I will post again soon.

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